Completed Projects

Department of Agriculture

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Management of Technology Accessible Resource Gives Employment Today (TARGET) Center

TARGET Centers provide assessments and demonstrations to ensure proper implementation of assistive technology (AT) and ergonomic solutions for the Department of Agriculture's (USDA) workforce. The Centers also assist in making information and microcomputer technology accessible to persons with sight, hearing, speech and dexterity impairments. Through a subcontract with CESSI, New Editions Consulting, Inc. provides the following key services:

Department of the Army

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Program Support for Army Medical Management

New Editions supported Medical Management (MM) initiatives managed by the Population Health and Medical Management Division (PHMMD), Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO), TRICARE Management Activity (TMA). The goal was supporting the MHS Strategic Plan by employing MM to improve healthcare efficiency and effectiveness. New Editions assisted in the coordination and providing logistical support for the DoD Population Health and Medical Management (PHMMD) team training for the Military Health System (MHS) healthcare professionals.

Department of Labor

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Employer Assistance & Resource Network (EARN)

The Employer Assistance & Resource Network (EARN) is a nationwide program to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Through technical assistance and recruiting services EARN helps employers find qualified job candidates with disabilities. Under a subcontract with CESSI, New Editions staff members assist CESSI with recruitment, research and analyses. Our tasks include:

Department of Veterans Affairs

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Research and Development Study for Sports to Work

The Sports to Work Research and Development Study aims to conduct a thorough analysis of the role that sports activities can play in vocational rehabilitation and independent living programs. New Editions, through a subcontract with Inverness Technologies, is reviewing the existing body of literature as well as current state-of-the-art sports and recreational programs.

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Remote Counseling Program

Under a subcontract from Inverness Technologies, New Editions will provide research support to assess the value of remote counseling services for veterans with service-connected disabilities to help them obtain, maintain, or retain employment or to live independently. New Editions will review the existing body of literature on the types of remote counseling techniques currently used in the private and public sectors and complete a cost-benefit analysis of remote counseling in rural areas.

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Independent Living Study for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service (VR&E)

Through a subcontract with Inverness Technologies, New Editions is conducting a study of the VR&E Independent Living Program which is designed to help eligible veterans live as independently as possible, participate in family and community life, and increase their potential to return to work. The purpose of the study is to collect valuable program information on outcomes to inform strategic planning, identify resource allocation needs and identify additional training needs. New Editions tasks include:

National Council on Disability

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Support for National Council on Disability (NCD) National Disability Summit on Disability Policy 2010

For the NCD, New Editions provided research and meeting planning support services for the National Disability Summit on Disability Policy 2010. This landmark event marked the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and brought together over 400 stakeholders from across the country to provide input for a new policy agenda. In preparation for this meeting, our team of researchers prepared 10 working papers identifying significant policy accomplishments and emerging issues and challenges for each topic area.


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The Center of Excellence on Disability Research (CEDR)

The Center of Excellence for Disability Research (CEDR) conducts research to identify and evaluate effective services, supports, and models of coordinated care and/or integrated care for persons with disabilities. CEDR is also organizing a national conference in March 2013 to share the results of these studies, along with those of other researchers, and discuss strategies for providing effective services and care models to all people with disabilities.

VETS, Inc.

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Support for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 508 Program Office

New Editions provides technical support to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Section 508 Program Office. We test proposed electronic and information technology (EIT) products for Section 508 conformance within VA's Enterprise Architecture Framework. We also tested IT Tracker products, OMB Exhibit 300's project/programs, E-Gov initiatives programs, web based and software applications and learning management systems (LMS) courseware for Section 508 compliance.