Section 508 Technical Support for Health and Human Services (HHS)

A new Editions employee helping another one find a program on thier computer.
Office on Disability
Focus Areas: 
Project Description: 

New Editions provides training and technical assistance on Section 508 and the Secretary’s Section 508 Implementation Policy to designated individuals in the HHS agency and the Office of the Secretary. Section 508 requires electronic and information technology (EIT) procured, developed, maintained or used to be accessible to its employees and customers with disabilities. New Editions staff members work directly with Section 508 Officials and Coordinators at each agency to ensure their understanding of the legal, technical, and policy framework of Section 508 at HHS. We provide quality improvement analyses and reports to ensure that HHS Chief Information Offices and the HHS' Office on Disability (OD) have comprehensive information on the impact of the Section 508 technical assistance and training programs.

Skills and Capabilities: 
  • Section 508 policy development
  • IT staff training (350 staff members)
  • Operating Division manager training enhancement
  • Technical assistance