Students with disabilities playing basketball.

Support of Core Public Health Functions of Disability for the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilites (NCBDDD)

New Editions employee on the phone with a client.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Project Description: 

New Editions supports the ability of states, territories and localities in their efforts to be inclusive of people with disabilities when planning, delivering and evaluating public health programs. Specifically, New Editions supports an exciting effort by NCBDDD to develop educational resources for public health disability staff, draft models and measures for state-based disability public health programs, assess current and future needs of disability staff and highlight the current capacity and functioning of public health disability programs.

Our efforts will ultimately culminate in the development of a national training program to improve the capacity of state public health staff to more fully address the needs of individuals with disabilities. We will host a virtual learning center where members of our target audience can easily access and navigate relevant tools and resources to support the effort.

Skills and Capabilities: 
  • Public health and disability expertise and guidance
  • Technical assistance networks development
  • Information dissemination
  • Website development
  • Needs assessment
  • Quality assurance
  • Section 508 compliance