What We Do

Some of our work areas include disability policy and research, education, aging, international development, children and youth, housing, health services, transportation, workforce development

Program Assessment and Management

Applying our knowledge and experience with many federal agencies, New Editions offers advanced program management support from planning and analysis to implementation and practical solutions. We offer customers talent and expertise to help agencies assess needs, address policy and program requirements, improve operations, and meet program goals. Our expertise includes:

Planning and analysis

  • Inclusive strategic planning activities
  • Quantitative and qualitative studies and assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Literature reviews, environmental scans, and policy analysis
  • Secondary data analysis

Program evaluation:

  • Formative and summative program evaluation
  • Performance measurement system design and data monitoring and analysis

Program implementation and solutions:

  • Knowledge translation
  • Best practices
  • Operations improvement
  • Technology, communications, collaboration and data solutions

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