New Editions is Sponsoring the 5th Annual ICT TESTING SYMPOSIUM 2020

New Editions is pleased to be a Silver sponsor of the 5th annual ICT TESTING SYMPOSIUM 2020. The testing symposium provides support to those tackling the issue of ensuring equal access to digital information for all members of our society, and is especially important in this time of rapid transition towards the use of online tools as a primary means of communication. This year’s conference will be online, as many conferences have converted to this year. As a leader in accessible solutions and ICT testing and remediation, we will present a paper on leveraging Trusted Tester with Test Automation on October 21, (4:00 to 4:55 pm EST) and participate in Vendor day October 16th.

Historically, the Trusted Tester program’s overall mission was to create a manual, accurate, and repeatable Section 508 Web testing process that can implemented by any group wanting to perform accessibility testing and remediation. New Editions played a key role in developing the Trusted Tester test process and the Trusted Tester certification program. We will touch on the evolution of the Trusted Tester (TT) process for Web, and recent efforts to streamline and clarify the test process for manual testing, improve the student training experience in the TT process, and meet the growing demands of test automation by incorporating viable test tools to support the integration of TT accessibility into the test automation process. Our accessibility SMEs Ann Marie Davis, Alan King, Vince Prentice, Kristen Smith-O’Connor, Dominique Wheeler and Halima Diallo, will present on key improvements to the training, and introduce a vetted ruleset process that consists of automated tool test results when using the manual test process.

Additionally, please join us on Vendor Day, Friday, October 16, at 11:00 a.m. EST, where we will present on the importance of the human touch in accessibility testing. This session is open to the general public - there is no need to register for the event. Hope you are able to join us at our  at our 11am Zoom Session!

Visit the demo day page for a full list of demonstrations.