The Center of Excellence on Disability Research (CEDR)

The Center of Excellence on Disability Research (CEDR) conducts research to identify and evaluate effective services, supports and models of coordinated care and/or integrated care for persons with disabilities. CEDR is also organizing a national conference in March 2013 to share the results of these studies-along with those of other researchers-and discuss strategies for providing effective services and care models to all people with disabilities.

Under a subcontract with Mathematica Policy Research, New Editions coordinated CEDR’s technical expert panel meetings and a major national conference in 2011. We managed website development and assisted with the dissemination of research findings.

Like all Americans, adults with disabilities seek affordable and effective care that maximizes their well-being and independence. CEDR’s research findings and publications will help consumers, family members, other caregivers, providers and policy makers identify effective strategies for promoting and maintaining the health and quality of life of individuals with disabilities.

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