Information Technology Solutions for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

Abstract depiction of digital accessibly and assistive technology

Through a subcontract with OASYS International Corporation, New Editions staff performs Section 508 compliance and Special Projects support services for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Our staff assists FCC in ensuring that applications and other Information Communication Technology (ICT) meet Section 508 compliance requirements per government laws and regulations.  New Editions conducts Section 508 auditing and reported compliance on ICT products, including Web, SharePoint sites, documents (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, etc.), and forms. We are helping to establish robust Section 508 procedures that enable the FCC to manage and mitigate the risk of the agency from potential litigation due to limited ICT. Our team supports the Section 508 Program Manager in developing agency policies and guidelines, disseminating best practices, and ensuring that Section 508 requirements are integrated into ICT solutions. Additionally, we provide consultation on agency capital planning, business case development, and IT governance to ensure that Section 508 requirements are considered throughout the IT and acquisition life cycles.