Section 508 Compliance and Survey Support Services for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

Man working on a computer using ZoomText.

Through a subcontract with IBM, New Editions is helping to ensure TSA's compliance with Section 508 by providing policy support, compliance testing, validation, and verification and technical assistance and training. Under this contract, we perform the following key duties for TSA:

  • Participate in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) monthly Section 508 Coordinators meetings and conferences
  • Provide expertise to program/project managers and developers in implementing Section 508-compliant IT solutions
  • Lead reviews of selected electronic and IT (EIT) products for Section 508 policy utilization
  • Review acquisition packages from TSAITBUY to ensure Section 508 compliance
  • Manage testing solutions and strategies for implementing Section 508 compliance
  • Perform scanning, testing and remediation on TSA applications, forms, surveys and websites
  • Disseminate Section 508 policies and procedures
  • Provide outreach services to support TSA’s Section 508 Program and the advancement of people with disabilities
  • Assist in developing Section 508 compliance surveys