New Editions Recognized by Washingtonian for its Generous Perks

Falls Church, VA, December 28, 2021 – The December Washingtonian magazine published an article entitled, “Companies With a Heart: 29 generous perks that local companies put in place to help employees get through the pandemic. How does your company compare?”

The author emailed 130 companies and used 29 examples. Of those 29 examples, New Editions was referenced three times, in half of the categories of perks. Under Passing Along the Savings, the article describes the purchase of National Park passes for every employee who wanted one.  This replaced our annual summer picnic.

Under Community Outreach, the article used the example of New Editions providing each employee with $1,000 to spend on local businesses. Extra paid hours for parents with children under 12 was an example under Support for Parents.  

There were a few companies with two examples, but New Editions was the only company with three examples. The other three categories could have used New Editions examples in that we gave a $250 credit card to employees as Work from Home Subsidies. New Editions hired a counselor to present sessions on coping with the pandemic, which could have been an example for More for Mental Health, and the Body as Well as Mind category could have used our twice a year walking competition as an example.

We are sure the Washingtonian didn’t put us in every category to keep the other companies from feeling like they needed to do more!