Robert Bartolotta
Project Director

Dr. Robert Bartolotta is an education and disability researcher with an extensive background in special education and the accommodation of adults with disability in work force and education/training settings. His experience includes transition services for students with special needs, coordination and monitoring of special education services, and research and service focusing on postsecondary students with disabilities. Dr. Bartolotta is currently the Project Manager for the National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research Management Support contract and a subject matter contributor for the Rehabilitation Services Administration Business Roundtables. Dr. Bartolotta has also worked in higher education as a professor at the University of Virginia and George Mason University, and as a testing coordinator for students with disabilities at the University of Maryland. Dr. Bartolotta has a B.S. in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University, an M.S. in Special Education/Emotional Disturbances from Southern Connecticut State University, and his Ph.D. in Special Education, with a focus on transition services for special needs and at-risk youth, from the University of Maryland. He currently serves as a Board Member on the Northern Virginia Workforce Development Board.