Planning, Evaluation and Analysis for Formative Research to Inform the Development of Preventive Services Tools Based on Recommendations for Clinicians and Consumers

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Project Description: 

New Editions, with our subcontractor JBS International, conducted a formative qualitative study to ascertain how primary care clinicians and patients conceptualize and communicate about preventive services. We used focus groups and simulated clinical scenarios to gain insight into the shared decision-making process. This knowledge will be used to guide the development and improvement of print and electronic tools that prompt joint decision-making by clinicians and patients regarding United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations. The ultimate value of this work is to improve the delivery of effective clinical preventive services.

Skills and Capabilities: 
  • Focus groups
  • Innovative simulation method design
  • national experts for panel recruitment
  • Patient-provider communications