Message from Our President

I am immensely proud of what New Editions’ employees have accomplished. Our focus on providing the highest quality services to our clients is consistent with our “smart growth” strategy—we pursue new work in our field of disability, health and social policy only when we know we have the talent and resources to achieve outstanding results on the new contracts.

I started New Editions as a way to create work/life balance for myself when my children were young. After years of working from home for New Editions and later with various other government contracting firms, I decided to “reinvigorate” New Editions, seeking prime contracts for the first time in 2002.

My vision is a company that accommodates women, disabled workers, older workers and workers with young families. My mission is to prove to myself and the government contracting industry that a company focused on balancing life and work for all employees—disabled included--can be successful. Since 2002, New Editions’ revenue has grown an average of $1 million each year.  In 2012, New Editions added seven new contracts which diversified the business, leveraged the company’s core capabilities and areas of expertise and added new competencies to our growing portfolio of services and customers. There are now three vice presidents—all women—and all dedicated to hiring and promoting people with disabilities and making our workplace friendly to young families and older workers. We value teamwork and relationship building with our clients and among ourselves.

New Editions, a true microcosm of society, will continue to be successful because we have the best, most loyal, hardest working staff of any Federal contractor.

— Shelia Newman, President

New Editions believes we can create a better society where everyone benefits, regardless of race, religion, age, culture or disability.