Clearinghouse Management

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New Editions builds effective clearinghouse information, dissemination and assistance centers. The online clearinghouses we develop and maintain for our Federal clients are comprehensive, dynamic and easy for their consumers to use. New Editions produces, sources, classifies and manages the evidence-based and best practices content contained within them in partnership with or on behalf of our clients.

We excel in marketing the clearinghouses and their content through online and traditional promotional and distribution channels that effectively reach and engage our clients’ target consumers. We also collect and process information from these consumers to provide insights to clients to help them assess evolving consumer needs and make appropriate program improvements. We provide first-class consultation, guidance and assistance through multiple channels (e.g., web, phone, email, social networking, etc.) to these consumers in our tailored, U.S.-based call centers.

Expertise in this Area

Content Production, Sourcing, Classification & Management

We develop or work with partners to develop and find evidence-based materials. We also classify materials based on standardized or client-specific indexes and maintain public and private libraries of materials to support the client clearinghouse's needs.

Information Dissemination

We create dissemination plans and conduct dissemination activities to actively engage target end users to establish clearinghouses as “go-to” resources for their needs.

Records Management

We work with clients to develop and implement policies, standards and procedures that adhere to requirements and regulations for managing the creation, indexing, distribution, archiving and disposal of records.

Peer Review Recruitment & Management

We recruit highly qualified and esteemed peer reviewers to evaluate and provide feedback on the quality and usefulness of clearinghouse information and materials to present to end users and/or to identify areas for improvement.

Network Development

We create offline and online networks to better engage end users in informative discussions to increase their use of clearinghouses, and to provide critical information on their evolving needs and those of the communities they represent.

Consumer Information Gathering & Processing

We establish mechanisms (e.g., surveys, focus groups, questionnaires, polls, etc.) to gain information on the quality and usefulness of clearinghouse information and the evolving needs of end users to provide clients with the essential information they need to make program changes.

Call Center Support

We provide multi-tiered technical assistance and consultation to end users via phone, email and online mechanisms. We are capable of establishing small to large call centers that support a variety of needs and concerns.