Assistive Technology and Ergonomic Support

USDA Building and TARGET Center Logo

Under a subcontract with Insignia Federal Group, New Editions supports the Technology & Accessible Resources Give Employment Today (TARGET) Center, which assists the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in addressing a wide spectrum of accessibility and accommodation interests for agencies and employees. Solutions provided include individual technology accommodations, ergonomic design and injury prevention, partnerships to improve disability diversity and inclusion, emergency preparedness, training and education, and the expansion of innovative practices to enhance the USDA employer of choice capability.

Under this contract, New Editions has primary responsibility for providing assistive technology and ergonomic needs assessments. The goal of the TARGET Center’s Ergonomics Program is to support all USDA employees in their efforts to remain safe and comfortable at their workstations. Through consultations, education and product-related services, we help protect our customers in the workplace. The USDA Ergonomics Program is unique in providing an overall preventive measurement in allowing employees the opportunity to have an ergonomic assessment, and then employees have the opportunity to sample ergonomic equipment after an assessment. This approach has provided immediate comfort for employees with obtaining chair fittings, sampling mice, keyboards and other ergonomic accessories.